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The Encore Difference

What really makes Encore different is that we are experts who have the authority and ability to make responsive and responsible decisions. The Encore difference is that trustees and professionals facing personal liability can talk to a decision maker directly. We do not have layers of bureaucracy in underwriting and claims departments.

Our underwriters have decades of experience in underwriting complex fiduciary liability risks. Our Claims Department is staffed with attorneys with law firm coverage experience and expertise. We have participated in the major fiduciary liability claims in the last 25 years, including the Capital Consultants, City of Detroit and Madoff imprudent investment claims, as well as numerous high-profile Department of Labor fiduciary liability investigations. Not only do our claims lawyers understand complex fiduciary claims, but we are also responsive and understand litigation and claims strategy for complex claims. 

Encore Fiduciary is a team of professionals who are personally invested in protecting trustees and other professionals against personal liability.


A Fiduciary Liability insurance policy is designed to protect plan trustees, other fiduciaries and the employee benefit plan against claims alleging breach of their fiduciary duties to the plan or claims alleging they committed an error in the administration of the plan. The policy provides two important basic benefits: defense and indemnity.

There Is Power in Encore's Fiduciary Focus

ENCORE Fiduciary is obsessively focused on fiduciary risk. Our singular focus on fiduciary risks allows us to provide better insurance protection and a superior level of underwriting and claims service for our policyholders.

Fiduciary Expertise

The hallmark of Encore Fiduciary is our fiduciary expertise. We are students of fiduciary liability and litigation trends. Encore fiduciary underwriters and claims professional provide a leading scope of fiduciary coverage and monitor litigation trends to address the evolving and complex fiduciary risks facing America’s plan fiduciaries and sponsors. Encore’s fiduciary risk management and benchmarking services help fiduciary risk committees lower their fiduciary risk. We have unique insights into fiduciary risk to help our policyholders manage complex benefit plans.

Premier Fiduciary Claims Service

The Encore Fiduciary Claims Team is like having a dedicated law firm with fiduciary and ERISA expertise to advocate and resolve complex fiduciary claims. We have decades of experience in resolving complex fiduciary claims that we apply to protect our plan sponsor policyholders. An important part of our advocacy for clients is that we work proactively to manage claims, reduce claims expense, and drive good results. We keep defense lawyers honest to prevent litigation waste, and work with law firms who share our results-oriented values.

Fiduciary Thought Leadership

In an era of legal system abuse and high frequency of class action litigation against plan sponsors, Encore Fiduciary provides fiduciary thought leadership on evolving fiduciary trends. Encore thought leadership includes our Fiduciary Liability Insurance Handbook, the highly regarded Fid Guru Blog, whitepapers on key trends and fiduciary issues, and regular education on fiduciary risk and claim trends for our clients and our market.

Advocates for America’s Plan Sponsors

We are fierce advocates for America’s plan sponsors in the fight against capricious, lawyer-driven class action litigation. Our whitepapers have routinely exposed litigation trends harming plan sponsors. We have debunked improper fee benchmarks and have proffered excessive fee litigation pleading standards for fiduciaries and plan sponsors’ benefit. Encore professionals will continue to apply our unique brand of advocacy for plan sponsors to fight back against litigation abuse.

We Wrote the Book on Fiduciary Insurance (literally)

We’ve put our fiduciary experience and expertise on paper and online in the “Fiduciary Liability Insurance Handbook,” for you to download and gain insight into why it is so critical that coverage is designed to fit an employer’s or entity’s benefit plan. Obtain your complimentary copy here.

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