Insights From Encore Fiduciary on Fiduciary Liability & Other Risk Exposures of Employee Benefit Plans


Insights From Encore Fiduciary on Fiduciary Liability & Other Risk Exposures of Employee Benefit Plans

Euclid Fiduciary 2023 Excessive Fee Litigation Webinar Invitation


Euclid Fiduciary Invites You to the 2023 Excessive Fee Litigation Webinar: The Current State of Fiduciary Excess Fee and Imprudent Investment Litigation

Thursday, January 19, 2023, at 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Join Euclid Fiduciary’s Managing Principal Daniel Aronowitz in a review of the current excess fee litigation trends facing employee benefit plan sponsors and fiduciaries across the country.

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Plaintiff law firms continue to file a record level of class action lawsuits against fiduciaries of defined contribution plans, with over 85 cases filed in 2022 alone.  These lawyer-driven lawsuits seek tens of millions of dollars in damages and attorney fees against plan fiduciaries for purportedly breaching their fiduciary duties in overpaying recordkeepers and investment managers.  Euclid Fiduciary’s Daniel Aronowitz will examine the recent current state of excessive fee litigation and the key trends to follow.  We will raise critical questions to better analyze these cases and help plan sponsors prepare a more effective defense:

  • What are the current types of excess fee and imprudent investment cases being filed and how have the allegations changed in the past year?
  • What is the impact of the Supreme Court’s Hughes v. Northwestern decision, and how has plausibility standard for early dismissal of cases evolved?
  • What are the results of motion to dismiss and summary judgment decisions?
  • How have plaintiff law firms adapted to the recent post-Hughes decisions in the appellate courts?
  • What can we learn from recent settlement trends and whether plan sponsors can mount effective defenses if they lose the initial motion to dismiss?


Our Expert Presenter

Daniel Aronowitz
Managing Principal
Euclid Fiduciary



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